Digital signage & display

As a powerful, dynamic and effective way to reach your audience, digital signage offers unparalleled opportunities to educate and inform your customers, build brands and drive both sales and profitability.
Full Service Solutions
What MGM Corporation offers is a full service capability to design, install and support the digital signage solution that meets your requirements.

Our design team will work with you to understand your detailed requirements and how your business ticks. This means that we can propose realistic solutions that take into account your resources, how your business will change and grow and how critical digital signage is to you.

Installation and Integration
We know that good digital signage content can be rendered ineffective if the signage hardware is not properly installed.

The MGM Corporation’s digital signage installation team takes pride in providing professional installation services. Each facility has its own unique challenges. Whether it be wall mounted, ceiling mounted, and free standing digital signage displays and digital signage enclosures, we handle everything from installing hardware racks to hanging projectors and running network cables through your building. Our team is proficient in CAD blueprints, trained in the use of all necessary heavy equipment, and extremely dedicated, with a critical eye for detail.

On site, we work closely with your maintenance and IT staff for minimal disruption of your operations while maintaining safety first. Our crews are always friendly, courteous, and make sure the project gets finished to your specifications.

Then our support team takes over. We will be on-hand with preventative maintenance (updating firmware and software, replacing consumables), providing on-call support at the appropriate level and returning to train new staff in using the system.